About Us

The Powder Keg Collective is being built on the vision that communities should be the cornerstone of all businesses. It is being built on the premise that a collective is more powerful than a small group in bringing value to a project. Raising capital for companies, projects, and real estate developments has traditionally had large barriers to entry on all sides of the transaction. Mega conglomerates continue to keep the masses out and participation is limited to the few. We plan to change that with our genesis collective and beyond. The Powder Keg Collective and Powder Keg Bar are being brought to life by a group of experts, creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, and ultimately trailblazers. Puma Development, The Blockchain Group, The Powder Keg Bar, and Curios have partnered to bring this first of its kind project to fruition.

Puma Development

Puma Development is a Houston-based boutique development firm specializing in creating experience-driven mixed-use communities that celebrate the uniqueness of the local area, exemplify innovation and enrich peoples' lives.

The Blockchain Group

The BlockChain Group is a strategy, marketing and technology firm providing solutions in the crypto and web3 sector.


Curios is an expert in building some of the simplest, and easiest-to-use NFT experiences in the world. Curios has built and continues to build the bridge that connects humans to Web3 experiences, the Blockchain and the Metaverse.