Gold Membership NFT to the Powder Keg Collective and Powder Keg Bar

PKC Gold Membership NFT

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Gold Membership NFT to the Powder Keg Collective and Powder Keg Bar

The Powder Keg Collective will generate capital to develop and operate a new Powder Keg community bar that is capable of taking cryptocurrencies and will provide space for concerts, festivals and other events.

Powder Keg Collective Gold Membership NFT Benefits:

- One free Bronze PKC Membership Token with initial purchase ($2,500 value)
- Rights to obtain ownership of future distributions. All distributions from the Powder Keg Bar will flow to the Powder Keg Collective, in perpetuity, and members will receive a portion based on their NFT membership level
- Rights to obtain distributions from any land or building sale
- Discounts at the Powder Keg Bar (25% off)
- Invite to all Powder Keg and Founders District special VIP events
- Right to redeem for multiple lower value membership tokens 12 months after the initial drop on August 1, 2022.
- Right of refusal behind Black Membership NFT holders to join whitelist of future collectives on Founder’s District development and other Blockchain Group Projects
- Right to sell membership NFT in Powder Keg Collective secondary market
- Many more privileges and other benefits to be provided post membership purchase!

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$50,000.00 USD

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